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Yoga is the strongest version of yourself.

I teach a unique form of Vinyasa yoga, where I weave elements from the dynamic and strengthening Astanga and Vinyasa yoga with the healing and restorative Yin yoga. In this way, I create a varied and playful yoga form that challenges you on several levels and which helps to build your strength, flexibility, concentration and focusing abilities and overall balance both mentally and physically.


Regardless of your current physical level, your health, your size, flexibility and age, you will feel how your body and mind wake up, and you will already after your first workout, experience how you suddenly feel lighter, taller, more free and how your mood and general well-being improve.


Through the training you will find your inner core of peace and stability that we all posses, and by practicing peace and stability in connection with yoga, you create new and better ways to hold on to your own peace and stability in ever-changing circumstances. The only constant we can be sure of is change, it can come from outside or it can come from yourself. By actively being the one who creates changes in your body and your mind, you take responsibility for yourself and put your life in your own hands, so you have the opportunity to create the future you want.


Yoga is practiced with patience and discipline, and precisely these areas are mentally strengthened through our training. For each session, I have a specific focus that moves like a common thread throughout the session. In turn, I focus on different parts of the body, such as the hips, opening the front of the body, twists, strength exercises etc. so you get a varied and continuous training. Some basic exercises are repeated in the sessions and new elements are added continuously. In this way, you get the opportunity to slowly, calmly and at your own pace build up your training, so that you constantly experience a feeling of progress both physically and mentally.

When teaching, I use breath and breathing exercises to connect body and mind, to practice the ability to stay focused on the present, and to perform the exercises with concentration and mindfulness.

We perform all the exercises with the breath as a guide, and let it guide us into the poses, to exactly where you have your limit today. You will become better at reading and using your breath actively both on the mat and in your life.


Too many people come to terms with the state of affairs. But pain, imbalances and blockages can be effectively addressed and released with yoga. It can be a liberating experience to discover that you already have what it takes to find peace, stability, balance and joy in life. Even old injuries, traumas and emotional blockages you can process and get rid of with yoga.

I work with yoga props that are there to help you get the most out of your workout; blankets, blocks and belts are used not only as an aid but also as tools to achieve better posture in the poses and greater challenges in your training. Props can be your way to get the right yoga workout created for you.

I teach to help you reach your full potential. If you feel that you have lost touch with your body and are unable to decipher the signals your body sends you, you will have difficulty actually changing anything, and when your body is not functioning optimally, it can affect other areas of your life in a negative way.

I am there to guide you to achieve the best version of yourself, but only you know how it feels to live in your body and to be you, therefore it is important that you take responsibility for yourself and become aware, both during Yoga and in your everyday life, what your body is trying to tell you.


As you experience progress on the mat, you will find that the same progress shows up in your life.

How I teach


Yoga creates a fantastic nice inner calm and stress relief in the body, for which I can thank Mette's fine, balanced and competent teaching.  


Private teaching

Yoga is a form of exercise that gives you; greater inner calm, improved focusing abilities, better body sensation, reduced tension, reduced pain and which has a de-stressing effect on mind and body.


Yoga corrects imbalances in the body and helps with appropriate posture, so you can have a feeling of a happy, vibrant and light body.  Weak muscles are strengthened, tight muscles are stretched and softened, such physical symptoms as; back, neck and shoulder pain and sore muscles are released, as you increase your natural movement.


With me you get:

- Thorough introduction to the individual poses, you do not need to have knowledge of yoga.

- Room for you to perform the poses at your level.

- Yoga mats - it does not require anything to join. (only in person training at my studio)

- Yoga props;  bricks, rugs and belts. So all poses are available to everyone. (only in person training at my studio)

- During on-line teaching, we decide what props are needed together.


You train at your own risk, you are responsible for your own body and perform the poses in accordance with your own limits. 

Follow the instructions and take care of yourself. 


Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, sizeand previous experiences with yoga.

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