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Terms & Conditions

Effective date/last revision:  10 October 2022


My approach to teaching is based on mutual trust between student and teacher. Everything you provide in connection with our sessions is confidential.


Cancellation and refund

Cancellation of private session / treatment, must be done no later than the day before (24 hours).

If you cancel later than 24 hours before, there is no refund for that session.

If I have to cancel a session, payment is transferred to the next and a replacement session is arranged.

There is no refund if you cannot attend a booked group class.



A 3-, 5- or 10-hour package is personal, non-transferable and non-refundable. Packages will be activated from the date of purchase and must be used within respectively 2, 3 and 6 months.



There are many benefits to Yoga, but only you know your own body and your limitations. Training and treatment takes place at your own risk, you are responsible for your own body. Follow the instructions and take care of yourself.

By signing this document, you confirm that you voluntarily participate in the activities provided by Mette Rosenqvist and MeRoYoga, and that if for any reason you are unable or think it is unwise to participate in an activity, suggested by Mette Rosenqvist, you are not obligated to participate in this activity, nor will you hold Mette Rosenqvist, MeRoYoga or its respective agents (ie employees, independent contractors, service providers and any third party acting on their behalf), responsible for injuries, personal injury or damage caused by choosing to participate in any activity. Mette Rosenqvist and MeRoYoga can in no way be held responsible - directly or indirectly - for any injuries or inconveniences that may be the consequence of practicing yoga or other treatments.

You accept that there are unforeseen risks involved in any activity, and you hereby assume all risks of harm to yourself and your property that may have been incurred in connection with these activities. As with any other form of physical exercise, please consult your physician with questions or concerns, or get other qualified advice if you are in doubt as to whether this exercise is right for you. Participation in any activity is at Mette Rosenqvist's discretion, if Mette Rosenqvist's opinion is that for some reason you can not continue in an activity, you may be asked to stop.

Mette Rosenqvist's and MeRoYoga's teaching and guidance, which includes all videos, online material, physical classes, programs, marketing materials and all accompanying material are not responsible for any injuries, accidents or health damage that may occur from performing the exercises, training and techniques suggested. Mette Rosenqvist, MeRoYoga is not authorized to diagnose, examine or treat medical conditions of any kind or to determine the effect of a particular exercise in relation to a given medical condition.


By purchasing services from Mette Rosenqvist, MeRoYoga, you accept the above guidelines and conditions, and you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept this document, and that you are of legal age and accept this document of your own free will.

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