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There is a reason I often refer to yoga as a "practice", practicing yoga is an opportunity to practice some of the qualities we want to see more of in our lives. Sometimes yoga is practiced to work on patience, clarity or courage. Other times, our goals are more tangible; like a strong upper body, increased energy, or more open hips. What makes us roll out the mat changes continuously throughout our lives and from day to day as our existence undergoes changes; job changes, children, health challenges and other life transitions.

Making yoga a practice allows us to work with exactly what we need at any given time. We can roll out the mat whenever we want, regardless of the time, allocated time or the space available to us. This practical approach is the first step towards integrating yoga into your everyday life.

If you don't already have a regular yoga practice, make today your first day. Set aside time, even if it's just 15 minutes, to work on yourself. Roll out the mat and practice a little on your own. Every time you practice yoga at home it strengthens your practice. Even though you may have to give up a position that makes you feel uncomfortable, you forget a sequence or what you need to work on in a given pose, every single time you roll out the mat will help you slowly but steadily to lay the foundation for a longer, more meaningful home practice.

I always recommend, that you supplement your own home practice with personal yoga training or group training, in this way you ensure that you get the right instruction and guidance to practice a safe and personally developing yoga.

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