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What you do today affects your tomorrow

Hvad du gør i dag MeRoYoga

I wasn't quite ready to think the big philosophical thoughts, the day I stood in my kitchen with my hands deep in a bun dough and read the above on a bag of organic wheat flour, that was on the table in front of me. But it still struck me how precisely that one sentence sums up life.

What you do today has implications for tomorrow; if you take care of your body, you will enjoy it for many years to come, the joy and generosity you give to others today, you yourself will enjoy in the future in the form of good relationships, friends, family and kindness from others. Whether you expect to get a good exam, score your dream job or cross the finish line first, everything you do today has an impact on whether you reach your goal tomorrow.

The same goes for your personal well-being, health and mind. What you do today can directly affect what happens tomorrow. If you spend just a small part of your day every day being there for yourself, doing something good for yourself, you will get it back tenfold tomorrow.

Practicing yoga gives you the opportunity to do something good for your health and mind, which can be directly reflected in your personal well-being. Yoga for me is the perfect thing to do for myself today, I can almost be completely embarrassed to call yoga something I have to do, as if it is a task, a job.

Yoga, once you have acquired a daily or weekly yoga habit, is not something you feel you need to do, it is simply something you do. A natural part of your life, like breathing, eating and sleeping every day. Yoga very quickly becomes that way because you just experienced tomorrow. I don't want to be without the living and vibrating body that yoga leaves me with, and I don't even have to wait until tomorrow. Yoga can be read on my mood, my physical ability and my posture immediately after a practice. It is what I do every day for myself that matters for tomorrow.

What will you do for yourself today that will matter to you tomorrow?

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