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The potential of the yoga poses

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People often get this wrong, it is not how flexible your are, that determines how "Yogic" your are.

A totally flexible person, able to do all the different yoga poses, can totally be focused only on competition and comparison - not very "Yogic". So the poses in themselves are not enough.

Knowing all the techniques in yoga doesn't determine how deep or superficial your yoga practice is either. Yoga's deep effect grows out of the intention you put into the techniques.

It is all about examining the imbalances of life physically and mentally. If a joint is out of balance, it is usually because some muscles are too tight and others too loose. These imbalances can occur in connection with acute injuries, or over many years due to unfortunate habits and unconscious bodily defense strategies. Yoga is the tool you can use to correct the body's imbalances.

In yoga, a correct or improved posture is part of the focus on the physically side. If you have a good posture, you will experience greater freedom and a better flow of energy in the body than if you have an inappropriate posture. A good posture gives you a feeling of being in balance and a sense of freedom in your body, whereas a bad posture gives you a feeling of limitation and stagnation.

Yoga postures are tools for improving the posture of the body.

Through the yoga poses, you can thus train your ability to feel when the body is in balance. When the body comes into balance, the difficult yoga pose becomes easy, and the struggle to hold the position is replaced by a feeling of surrender and freedom. In Yoga, there is an obvious progression in the order in which you learn the poses. In this way, you can slowly build up your body's strength and flexibility.

The transformative power of yoga has the potential to transform your life. Transformation is not about how often you practice yoga, but how you practice yoga. We do not use the body to enter the poses, but the poses to enter the body. The techniques carry the potential for transformation, but it is you who must give the techniques direction and intention.

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