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Yoga is becoming aware of the opportunities and choices we have.

Personal training is effective and targeted training. It is you and your needs that decide the content, and when we practice you can choose what you want to focus on. I teach from a deeply nourishing and warm place. One of my specialties is my ability to meet my clients where they are, and make yoga accessible to everyone.

I have no agenda when we start our teaching together, and I am able to work with you, exactly where you are right now. It allows me to teach the aspects of yoga that will be most beneficial to exactly you, helping you to achieve balance in, not only the physical plane, but in all areas of your life.

Taking a group class is both fun and uplifting, but training one-on-one with an experienced instructor is undoubtedly the best way to achieve results. We each have our own issues and focus, what gets us on the mat and what we desire to work in depth with, want is important to you?


Yoga can, among other things, help with:

- stress reduction

- trauma release

- increased flexibility and strength

- greater body awareness

- improved breathing and lung capacity

- increased mindfulness

- rehabilitation after illness or injury

- improved sleep

- injury prevention

- meditation focus

- concentration focus and mental clarity

- generally increased well-being

and much much more....

In a personal training you can choose to work with one or more things:

- thorough introduction to yoga that creates a stable foundation for your further practice.

- your current yoga practice and learn to go deeper into the positions.

- mindfulness and philosophy of life.

- find the yoga style and the poses, modification and variations that work for you.

- to focus on specific areas of the body.

- the breath to optimize your oxygen uptake and reduce stress.

- mobility and stability poses that reduce pain, prevent injuries and improve your balance.

- to be present in the moment, with increased mindfulness and reduced stress as a result.


The cool thing about yoga is, that you do not have to choose at all, yoga gives you exactly what you need, and lets you develop at the pace and in the areas that are necessary for you to live the life you want.


All bodies are different, and your life story, mentally and physically, is yours alone. This is why 1 -1 training gives a much greater benefit than classes. Your training with me makes it possible not only to work with what you want to focus on, but also what we discover through our time together.


None of​​ my private clients are identical and each one receives tailored training and guidance to help them work towards their personal goals; mental as well as physical.


On-Line personal training takes place on Zoom.

training room Meroyoga 2 mats with props

Yoga is daily exercises that counterbalance the stress of life, and challenge both body and mind

Personal yoga training

A session is 1 hour.

1-1 training is for everyone, this is where you, through individual created sessions, develop your own yoga practice. You'll be guided through the process and acquire the knowledge required to prevent pain and provide increased health and mental clarity.


We'll put together personal training sessions for you, with a focus on the physical yoga poses to alleviate the challenges and imbalances you experience in your daily life, where mindfulness and breathing exercises complement the physical training.

​Everyone - regardless of level and degree of flexibility - benefits from personal training. There is time to go in depth with your issues as well as talk about how to take care of yourself, both on and off the yoga mat. It is important that you feel safe and not be afraid to ask questions and explore all that yoga can provide.​

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