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I teach a unique form of Vinyasa Yoga, where I weave elements from the dynamic and strengthening Astanga and Vinyasa yoga with the healing and restorative Yin Yoga. That way, I create a varied and playful Yoga form that challenges you on multiple levels and helps build your strength, flexibility and balance and concentration and focusing capabilities, both mentally and physically.


Regardless of your current physical level, your health, your size, flexibility and age, you will feel your body and mind waking up and you will after your very first workout experience how you suddenly feel lighter, higher, more free and how your mood and overall well-being is improved.


Through yoga you will find the inner core of peace and stability that we all possess, and by practicing peace and stability in yoga, you create new and better ways to hold on to your own peace and stability in ever changing circumstances. The only constant we can be sure of is change, it can come from the outside or it can come from within you. By actively being the one that creates changes in your body and mind, you take the responsibility for your life in your own hands so you have the opportunity to create the future you want.


How I teach


Yoga is practiced with patience and discipline, and both are reinforced mentally through our training. For each class, I have a specific focus that moves like a red thread throughout the whole class. I’ll focus on different parts of the body, like the hips, opening the front of the body, twists, strength exercises, etc. so you’ll get a varied and continuous training. Basic poses are repeated, and new ones are added continuously. This allows you to slowly build your own practice so that you constantly experience a sense of progress both physically and mentally.


In my teaching, I use the breath and breathing exercises to connect the body and mind, and to train the ability to focus on the moment and to perform the poses with awareness and mindfulness. All poses are performed with the breath as a guideline, and we let it guide us into the pose, to exactly where you have your limit today. You’ll become better at reading and using your breath actively both on the mat and in your life.

Way too many accept their current situation. But pain, imbalances and blockages can effectively be released with yoga. It can be a liberating experience to discover that you already have what it takes to find peace, stability, balance and joy in your life. Even old injuries, trauma, emotional blockages, are some of the things you can work with and release through yoga. I work with yoga props to help you make the most of your training; blankets, blocks and belts are used not only to help but also as tools for better positioning in the poses and greater challenges in your workout. Props can be your way to getting the right yoga training for you.


I teach to help you achieve your full potential. If you feel that you have lost the connection with your body and are unable to interpret the signals the body are sending you, you will have a harder time implementing actual change, when your body is not working optimally, it may adversely affect other areas of your life. I'm there to guide you to be the best version of yourself, but only you know how it feels to live in your body and to be you, so it's important to take responsibility for yourself and pay attention to what your body is telling your, both during yoga and in your life.

 As you experience progress on the mat, you will find that the same progress appears in your life.

Now I'm in a significantly better shape than before. I hardly remember how my back pain felt. Yoga has become a regular part of my daily life, and I'm incredibly thankful.





Yoga as a training form gives you; greater inner calm, improved focusing capabilities, better body awareness, reduced tension / pain and help reduce stress.

Yoga corrects imbalances in the body and improves body posture, giving you a feeling of a happy, vibrant and light body. Weak muscles are strengthened, tight muscles stretched and softened, so physical symptoms such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain and sore muscles are released as you evoke your natural mobility.


With me you get:


- Thorough introduction to the individual poses, you do not need to know about yoga.

- Space for you to perform poses at your level.

- Yoga mats - it does not require anything to participate.

- Yoga props, bricks, blankets and belts. So all poses are available to everyone.



You train on your own responsibility, only you are responsible for your body and performing the poses in accordance with your own ability. Follow the instructions and take care of yourself.