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Currently closed to new students! Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to take on more private students at the moment. However, you are always welcome to contact me if you are interested and I will get back to you, when there is a free space.

Personal training is efficient and targeted. It is you and your needs that determine the content, and during training it is you that choose what you want to focus on.


Taking a group of classes is both fun and uplifting, but training one to one with an experienced instructor is undoubtedly the best way to get results. We all have our own focus and purpose, which gets us up onto the mat and a specific desire to work deeper with this area of our life. It can be anything from stress reduction, increased flexibility and strength, greater body awareness, mindfulness, rehabilitation after illness or injury, improved sleep, increased well-being, injury prevention, meditative focus or something completely different.



None of my private clients are identical, and each gets a tailor-made teaching and guidance that helps them work towards their personal goals; mental as well as physical.


Personal training takes place on Skjalm Hvidesvej 15, Sorø

Personal training optimizes your training and you create 

the foundation to pursue your own yoga practice;

with me, in classes or as a home pratice.

One on one training is for anybody, it’s where you get a chance to work with yourself though an individual focused training, and where you can develop your own yoga practice. Throughout the training you’ll get knowledge and guidance in the important details that help prevent pain and increase health, as well as practical tips for optimizing your workouts.


Anyone - regardless of level and flexibility – can reap the benefits of personal training. This is where you have the opportunity to go deeper into your training and require knowledge about how you can look after yourself, both on and off the yoga mat. It is important to me that you feel safe and aren’t afraid to ask questions.


In personal training you can choose to work with:


- A thorough introduction to yoga that creates a stable base for your further practice.

- Your current yoga practice and learn to go deeper into the poses.

- Find out the yoga style and the poses, modifications and variations, that work for you.

- Focus specifically on specific areas of the body.

- Breathing to optimize your oxygen absorption and reduce stress.

- Mobility and stability poses that reduce pain, prevent damage and improve your balance.

- Being more present in the present, with increased mindfulness and reduced stress as a result.

- Or something completely different….. you choose.