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Flexibility isn’t necessary to begin yoga, but you will gain it by practicing yoga. Through yoga you’ll achieve a greater insight into the nature of both the body and the mind.

We are all equipped with a fantastic body that works hard for us every day and wish us the best. But during our busy lives, with constant demands for high performance, the brain can often take the lead and signals from the body, are suppressed, overlooked or might even disappear completely.


In a modern life, we tend to rely on mental intelligence alone; through yoga we learn to include the body's intelligence as well. The increased body awareness that you develop through yoga helps you decode the body's signals and respond more appropriately to them. This allows you to prevent health issues; such as bad back, tension headache and stress.


Everyone can rediscover the connection with the body, to become aware of it signals and learn to decode them. When that happens, you'll experience a lighter, more "happy" body that helps carry you through difficult situations, increase your overall performance and ensure that you have a balanced, strong and flexible body for many years to come.


You cannot go back and change your past, but you start here and begin to change your future. Yoga requires no prerequisites if you can breathe in and out, you can practice yoga, it only requires that you show up on the mat.

With regular practice you will experience a feeling of
inner peace and general well-being in the body.