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Mette has a modern approach to yoga. Expect clear instructions and a logical approach to the poses. You’ll learn to work with your own body and its possibilities so that you make the most of each class.


Her teaching is readily available and suitable for everyone. She combines the dynamic Astanga and Vinyasa yoga with the more calming Yin yoga to create a unique yoga style that gives you the best opportunities for personal development and that helps you achieve an inner core of peace and stability as well as a strong and flexible body.

She teaches a challenging and inspirational yoga that helps build body strength and flexibility, focusing on balancing the mind and body – on as well as off the yoga mat. Her approach to yoga is both structured and playful. She is of the opinion that you should not take life too seriously and she brings this approach to her teachings.

CSV trained


Mette is a dedicated yoga teacher and holds the most advanced teaching certification offered by Yoga Alliance - 500RYT, with focus on reconciling strength and flexibility based on anatomical precision and mindfulness.


She has completed 300 hours of training with Jason Crandell (US) Yoga Method, called "one of the teachers who forms the future of yoga" by Yoga Journal and 200 hours of training with Ann-Charlotte Monrad (DK), in addition she has completed trainings with Dianne Bondy (US) Yoga for All, David Robson (CA) Astanga Yoga, Kino MacGregor (US) Astanga Yoga, Esther Ekhart (NL) Yin Yoga and Jason Crandell (US) Vinyasa Yoga.

Based in Sorø, she teaches both open classes, corporate classes and personal one-on-one classes in her yoga studio MeRoYoga in Sorø.



Mette practices yoga because it feels great, she experiences more energy, greater physical strength, more joy and an improved ability to live in the present.

She was initially attracted to yoga for the mental benefits, but quickly became addicted to both the physical and mental transformation that took place. Being a person with a very active mind, yoga was a gift to improve and control mental clutter. Since taking on a daily yoga practice, she has experienced how yoga maintains the balance of her life, enriching it with inner peace, stability and physical strength that helps her relax, be patient and prevent stress.

Yoga is a natural part of her everyday life, so it is often in the absence of her yoga practice that she becomes aware of its transformative power. When the daily routine is broken, the body suddenly feels heavy and uncomfortable, and it becomes clear what yoga means for her well-being. Through yoga she has rediscovered the joy of having a vibrant, spacious, light and strong body and it is this basic sense of a living body she wants to convey to her students.