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Yoga classes are currently on-line via Zoom.

Duration of the class

Classes are 45 - 60 minutes.

Number of students

In a class there are usually 8 - 15 people, so there is a good opportunity for attention to each student. The energy from a group creates an encouraging environment that helps you get a better focus and greater desire to train with "playing the edge", ensuring that you constantly make progress in your training.

Zoom classes on-line may have higher number of participants.


What type of yoga is taught?

I teach a unique mix of flow yoga and more restorative yoga - we move through the poses in a gentle flow and let the flow guide us, individual poses are held 5-10 breaths so the body and mind find peace and surrender to the form.


Each class starts with gentle activation of the spine, and a variation of Sun Salutaions to loosen up muscles and joints. After warming up we continue to standing poses that challenge our concentration, focus, stability and strength before we get down to the mat to stretch and twist before the meditative Savasana ends the lesson.


Classes are for adults, but teens are welcome.


What do you need to bring?

I have mats, props and blankets, you can always bring your own mat if you prefer.

Zoom classes on-line - here you will receive instructions before the class with information. You will need a training mat 

and a blanket for the training.


What level of yoga is taught?

My classes are for everyone, from beginners to more experienced. I am able to tailor the class to the individual needs of the day and I provide several variations and options in poses so that everyone can feel challenged.


I would recommend private one-on-one yoga, if you want to work on something specific physically or mentally. Here I will be able to guide you through the basics that you will need in class and we can work specifically with your needs. Contact me

if you would like to discuss this further.


Is yoga suitable for your health?

Everyone is different, but yoga is for everyone. It is definitely better to move than not to.


If you have an injury or a diagnosis, contact your doctor and get consent for you to practice yoga first.

If you are mentally out of balance, and undergo a period of e.g. fatigue, depression or stress, yoga is perfect for you,  as you through the process of yoga will be able to use your body to change your mental state.

If you have normal health, yoga is obvious, the benefits are many - better health, more energy, increased flexibility, which improves your posture, stronger muscles, better bone density, stronger immune system, lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin, calms your mind, improve your balance, improve sleep, the list is endless !!


As I said, yoga is for everyone, all you have to do is pay attention and listen to your own body.

What do you get out of yoga?

Whatever the reason you want to practice yoga, whether it is; to make you stronger, more agile, or to find some quiet time for yourself, then you have come to the right place. Yoga processes the whole body physically as well as mentally. You optimize your nervous system by turning your attention inward, and if you allow it, it can help you become more present and mindful.


See more about the benefits of yoga.

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