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Yoga challenges the boundaries of the mind and body and expands your field of consciousness.




I train and teach yoga because it feels great. More energy, greater physical strength, more joy and an improved ability to live in the now - what's not to like.

I was initially attracted to yoga for the mental benefits, but was fascinated by both the physical and mental transformation that took place. As a person with a very active mind, yoga was a gift to improve and control the mental noise. I have a daily yoga practice through which I experience, on a daily basis, how yoga maintains balance in my life, and enriches it with an inner calm, stability and physical strength that helps to relax, be patient and prevent stress.

Yoga is a natural part of my everyday life, which is why it is often in connection with the absence of yoga that I becomes aware of its transformative power. During periods when the daily routine is broken, the body suddenly feels heavy and uncomfortable, and it becomes clear what yoga means to my well-being. Through yoga I have rediscovered the joy of having a living, spacious, light and strong body and it is this basic feeling of a living body that I want to convey to my students.



I have been teaching for over 8 years.  My motivation for practicing and teaching yoga is that it is the perfect antidote to modern life. Work, family, performance requirements and living a modern life can leave us physically tense and mentally stressed. Yoga, mindfulness and breathing exercises can help balance all of this.


I have completed over 600 hours of training, but I have learned the most from meeting people like you. People who just want to feel good in their minds and their bodies. Yoga is for everyone, not just the young and the flexible. Take an hour with me, or come and join a class and you will find that it has so much more to offer than just being able to bend forward and touch your toes!

I am 500RYT certified with the Yoga Alliance, with a focus on combining strength and flexibility based on anatomical precision and mindfullness. I have 300 hours of training with Jason Crandell (US) Yoga Method, who was called "one of the teachers who shape the future of yoga" by Yoga Journal and 200 hours of training with Ann-Charlotte Monrad (DK), in addition I have completed training with Dianne Bondy (US) Yoga for all, David Robson (CA) Astanga yoga, Kino MacGregor (US) Astanga yoga, Esther Ekhart (NL) Yin Yoga and Jason Crandell (US) Vinyasa yoga.

Based in Sorø Denmark. I teach primarily with a focus on private training 1-1, in person in my studio or on-line via Zoom, and also hold regular workshops.

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I have a modern approach to yoga. Expect clear instructions and a logical approach to the poses. You'll learn to work with your own body and its possibilities, so you get the most out of every hour.


My teachings are easily accessible and suitable for everyone. I combines the dynamic yoga forms Astanga and Vinyasa with the more soothing Yin yoga to create a unique yoga form that gives you the best opportunities for personal development and helps you achieve an inner core of calm and stability, as well as a strong and flexible body.

I teach a challenging and inspiring yoga, which helps to build body strength and flexibility, with a focus on creating balance both in mind and body - on as well as off the yoga mat. My approach to yoga is both structured and playful since I am of the opinion that you should not take life too seriously, and I bring this approach to my teachings.



"I wanted to do yoga, and I have repeatedly given it a try, even in different constellations. But every time I have left the teaching with an experience of being totally miscast in an ordinary yoga class.


I came to Mette during a period when I felt mentally drained of energy. On top of that, my body had been neglected for a really long period of time, especially the back caused problems, probably after a major back operation well over 10 years prior. In short, I was stiff and completely inflexible in joints and muscles. Now yoga were to have a shot.

I contacted Mette for personal training, which had to be adapted to me and my needs and the many bodily limitations.


My patience with my own body is often put to the test when my head wants more than my body can handle. Each of my training sessions is carefully planned in advance, but always with room for the individual adaptation to what I and my body can contribute with on the day. Mette's core competence is the gentle way of guiding the exercises, - supportive, forbearance, flexible and with great patience; - really admirable. She possesses great knowledge and insight into body and muscles, and don't mind explaining things until one understands it.

So practicing yoga with Mette has been a completely different experience. There I experience being met exactly where I am on the individual day. My desire for yoga has gone from unstructured attempts to almost a physical need. There is still a long way to go for me, but I have gotten started and can feel it moving. My body is significantly better now, than when I started with the personal training a year ago.


If you can nod in recognition to any of what I mention, then I really hope you will give yourself the same gift: weekly workout with Mette.


Dear Mette: You play a major role in where my body is today, so thank you"

Hanne Vedsted-Hansen /  Mindfulness coach

( Private yoga)

"As a 33-year-old, and after many years without any proper physical training, I started with personal Yoga classes with Mette. I wanted to get rid of the back pain that had started to keep me awake at night. At the same time, I also wanted to have a happy body that moves smoothly and with ease.

Right from the start, I was enthusiastic about the teaching, which hour after hour challenges me in a good way. Mette has an impressive understanding of the body - and that means that she knows exactly how to practice in order to develop further. I therefore feel that the teaching is tailored to my body. I always look forward to the next class, because it's really fun to learn the new poses and exercises that Mette has organized. And then you just feel very relaxed and in balance afterwards.


Now, 10 months after my first class, I am in significantly better shape than before. I can barely remember how my back pain felt. Yoga has become a regular part of my daily life, and I am incredibly happy about it. "

Dominik Falenski /  Producer

(Private yoga)

“I started doing Yoga with Mette 2 years ago, in part to improve my physique and also to become better at dealing with my anxiety. I train with Mette once a week and on my own a couple of times a week approx. 10-20 minutes.


I have experienced that yoga has helped reduce my anxiety, and I have become much better at dealing with anxiety in everyday life. I now sleep better and have an easier time falling asleep at night, and during the day I find that I generally have much more energy to do more. 

Mette is incredibly easy to talk to and I feel safe with her.  I especially like that she knows how to adapt the teachings exactly to me, and to where I am mentally on that day. Yoga with Mette has made it easier for me to learn the poses and stay consistent with yoga. One of Mette's core competencies is that she is really, really good at listening and working with both the physical and the mental aspects.


The training of yoga-, mindfulness- and breathing exercises has also made me much more aware of my own health in general, and I experience far more joy in my everyday life now. If you want to work with self-development, I can highly recommend you train with Mette.”

Young Man With Anxiety Diagnosis 

(Private yoga)

"I have tried yoga several times, but it has never really been able to capture me. But with Mette's teaching, I have really felt like continuing with yoga. Mette is very knowledgeable, good at explaining and answering questions, and then she makes sure always to include poses that just pushes me a little bit. It is definitely a sign that I enjoy my yoga class when I just feel like time is disappearing and I am suddenly in the final relaxation pose.I definitely feel like continuing with yoga with Mette."

Vibeke Larsen / Kindergarden teacher

(Yoga classes)

"Mette is an open and encouraging teacher. Her positive mind, strong skills and humor shape her teaching. I can recommend her to anyone with a stiff body who wants more out of life!"

Jesper Kjer / Consultant

(Private yoga)

"Mette is very supportive and always encourages you to work with what is possible for you. It is as much about the inner work as the outer. Above all, she is a competent and skilled teacher with a good sense of humor."

Sarah /  Administrative assistant

(Private yoga)

"You are sitting on a chair. The back is straight, knees and hips at 90 degrees. You try to stretch one leg first and then the other leg, but nothing happens. You are unable to stretch your legs when your back is straight, does that sound crazy?


That was my starting point when I started getting private tuition from Mette 6 months ago. 20 years as a cyclist and triathlete had left its clear marks and even though I was in good shape, my body screamed for attention. It was especially the sight of my children playing that reminded me, that I had lost flexibility and strength through the very uniform sport I had practiced for so many years. I had previously tried yoga, but without success, which is because I had never really found a teacher who could figure out how to meet me at my level. When just sitting on the floor with your back straight is a challenge, you give up quickly.


Mette has a pleasant way of teaching and she has been good at meeting me where I am. Although I sometimes almost tragically comic and in powerlessness break out in laughter / crying over my lack of functional level, she is a solid support. My exercises are adapted so that I feel progress and at the same time are able to adapt to the challenge. I'm still very far from being at the goal line, but I'm definitely moving in the right direction.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that my body has now begun to demand yoga, when it takes too long from workout to workout. That's definitely Mette's merit. "

Brian Overkær / Physiotherapist

(Private yoga)

“My body has become quite addicted to yoga.


One of the highlights of the week in a busy day to day life is the weekly yoga class with Mette Rosenqvist. The teaching takes place at my workplace through the local exercise association. If you ask yourself what a 45 year old man is doing in a yoga class though, then the answer is pretty easy; he strengthens his ability to balance all aspects of the body, works with a de-stressing breath and strengthens and stretches the stiff office muscles so that it keeps the pain away. All this creates a fantastic nice inner calm and stress free body, for which I can thank Mette's nice, balanced and competent teachings. I myself train my colleagues in intelligent physical training during working hours, where I am often inspired to use several of Mette's challenging mobility and balance exercises.

Exercise at work and yoga keep my back supple and shoulder pain away, so "what's not to like?"


You will feel in safe hands with her and I can warmly recommend Mette Rosenqvist, the only problem is that the lessons are quite addictive. "

Mikkel Østergård / Geologist, cand. scient. Development consultant  

(Yoga classes)

"I have been training weekly for almost a year and Mette is an inspiring person and an incredible teacher. She has helped me through a difficult time in my life. I am impressed with how she understood my body and how I can use yoga to create flexibility, strength and balance in my body. Most importantly, I have learned to use breathing and movement for relaxation. I have become so much stronger as a person during the time I have been working with Mette! "


(Private  yoga)

"Very well matched with the level of the participants, and a nice calm over the event. Mette was a great instructor, calm, very skilled, sympathetic and experienced."

(Workshop participant)

In the autumn of 2015, I participated in a yoga course with Mette Rosenqvist as a teacher. The course was established at my workplace through the staff association's membership of DGI.

I have used the yoga classes as compensation for a busy daily schedule. Calmness, immersion and training for a more flexible body is for me the essence of yoga. After a long day of work, yoga provides a valuable contribution to my energy level and ensure that I'm good to go for the rest of the day.

Mette's way of teaching with a focus on breathing, stretching and agility training has been good for me, to counter the work I do every day and with sedentary work positions held throughout the day that can load and keep the body in the same position for several hours at a time. Yoga is a perfect "space" for contemplation, calm and plenty of time for stretching the body. "

Inge Overgaard Jakobsen /  Social work consultant

( Yoga classes)

“Mette is a wonderful yoga instructor and her teachings in small groups creates the intimate and calm atmosphere, that I have found difficult to find in larger yoga classes. Her classes have an excellent flow to them, and the perfect balance between relaxation and challenge. I would definitely recommend her! "

Anna /  Student

(Yoga classes)

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