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Yoga is for everyone regardless of gender, age, ability, size or ethnicity.


Hi my name is Mette

I help people live their best lives,

by teaching them how to handle and release stress, pain,

trauma and personal challenges,

with Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathing exercises. 

​Are you looking for yoga that not only creates physical change, but also spaciousness mentally?

I work with people who want to get to know themselves better, by becoming better at dealing with stress, anxiety and chronic pain, letting go of physical and mental trauma and creating a strong and flexible body.

I am incredibly passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga out to everyone in a way that is both accessible, helpful and meaningful. I believe that by introducing more people to the profound healing benefits of yoga, we are creating the foundation to completely transform our world; both for ourselves and others.

I teach personal 1-1 where you are in focus.

Yoga is the perfect complement to your life whether you're an athlete or couch potato.

women rolling out yoga mat on the floor

Many people give up yoga because:

• It seems too easy - and therefore boring.

• It feels too hard - and thus painful, scary or embarrassing.

• Or it may be a good yoga class - but it is not tailored to your specific needs and challenges

​Do you want to create the best version of yourself, so you can live

the life you want to live?

Your yoga practice should be seen in relation to the rest of your life, and help you feel balanced, strong and agile. Maybe you feel tight and tired and spend much of your day sitting, or maybe you are active and in motion all the time. No matter what you spend your time on, yoga will be able to create the balance you need.


We are all equipped with an amazing body that works hard for us on a daily basis and that wishes us the best. But in a busy day, with demands for high performance, the brain can often take the lead and signals from the body, be suppressed, overlooked or disappear completely.


In a modern life we tend to use our mental intelligence alone, through yoga the intelligence of the body is also involved. The increased body awareness that yoga gives you helps you to decode the body's signals and respond more appropriately to them. Thereby you can prevent a number of health issues such as; back pain, headaches, stress, burnout, to mention a few.  


Everyone has the opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with the body. When this happens, you'll experience a lighter, more "happy" body that helps to carry you through more difficult situations, release old traumas, increase your level of performance and ensure that you have a balanced, strong and flexible body for many years to come.


Mette's core competence is the gentle way of guiding the exercises - supportive, tolerant, flexible and great pedagogical patience - truly admirable. She possesses great knowledge and insight into body and muscles, and will explain things until one understands it.

Mette is a wonderful yoga instructor and her teaching in small groups creates the intimate and calm atmosphere that I have found hard to find in larger yoga classes. Her classes have an excellent flow to them and the perfect balance between relaxation and challenge. I would definitely recommend her!

Right from the start, I was enthusiastic about the teaching, which hour after hour challenges me in a good way. Mette has an impressive understanding of the body - and that means that she knows exactly how to practice in order to develop further.

You can not change your past, but you start here and create your future.  

Yoga requires no prerequisites,

if you can breathe in and out, you can practice yoga, it only requires you to show up!



Book a free discovery call with me, to see if we're a good fit.

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